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About us & Contacts

About us team - professional designers and technical specialists with extensive experience in the field of web design, video creation and administration of Internet communities.

We take orders for:
• Design for forums and sites
• CSS coding & script development
• Drawing - creating complex graphics from scratch
• Оформление стримов, каналов, соц-сетей
• Video design & montage

For more information on working conditions and prices, read this article: Terms of execution of orders.


For paid orders and questions about paid orders, please contact the chief project administrator:
• e-mail:
• skype: gerda_from_north_pole
• (for registered users) private message on the forum

Also registered users can make out their orders at the forum of the project:
Graphics & art
Video & 3d design
CSS coding & scripts

About project

Our forum is a freelance-site, uniting customers and performers. In addition to team, the forum accepts orders for both beginners and experienced professionals, and customers have the opportunity to place an order for free or in exchange for services.

For customers:
• Free technical support
• Ability to make free and exchange orders
• Search for specialists at any level
• Catalogs of ready scripts, designs and graphics

For beginners:
• Guides about web design and graphics
• Technical support and consultations
• Possibility to gain experience by fulfilling orders
• The opportunity to prove yourself before customers and create a portfolio

For experienced professionals:
• Portfolio placement
• Ability to perform paid orders
• Opportunity to find new customers
• Placement of advertisements for the sale of finished works

Our team

Project Manager Gerda Makovetskaya Activities:
Project administration, receipt and processing of orders, communication with customers.
Development of web design, layout and technical support.
Art Director Nix Nemeni Activities:
Drawing graphic elements, art and characters.
Development of complex layouts and graphic animation.
Video Designer Alexander Razuvaev Activities:
Execution of orders for video editing, video design and 3d modeling.
Programmer Anastasia Kais Activities:
Execution of orders for the development of scripts and layout.
CSS coding & testing.