Changing background color of the post
Allows to highlight posts in background colors from palette in the reply form.

Author: Deff
Platform: MyBB

Using: choose the color, select - push the button
To HTML-bottom (Admin → Options: 2nd form):

    <script type="text/javascript"><!--Changing background color of the post-->
    $("#post #button-color").after('<td title="Background color of the post" id=button-bgColor align=center valign=center><img onclick="bbcode(\'[url=http://PostBgColor]\',\'[/url]\')" src="" style="width:22px!important;height:22px!important"/></td>');});
    $('.post-content a[href$="PostBgColor"] span').each(function() {
      var color=$(this).css('color');
      var box=$(this).parents('.post-box');
      var quote=box.find('.quote-box');
      //quote.css({'background-color':color}); //If need quotes coloring - delete "//" in the beginning of the line