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<a class="tip" id="cover" title="Fantasy style for MyBB forum Forgotten Realms">
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Date: 10.04.2016<br>
Creators: <a href="http://forumd-eng.ru/profile.php?id=2" target="_blank">Gerda</a><br>
Engine: MyBB<br>
Cost: 45$<br>
Description: Fantasy style for MyBB forum Forgotten Realms.


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<a class="tip" title="Website header and table in the ad"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/ForgottenRealms/FR_2.jpg" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="View topic page & profile design"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/ForgottenRealms/FR_3.jpg" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="Regirect page"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/ForgottenRealms/FR_4.jpg" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="Page for information content"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/ForgottenRealms/FR_5.jpg" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="Pop-up slideshow by clicking on the image"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/ForgottenRealms/FR_6.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

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detailed description

A simple but atmospheric design for the universe Forgotten Realms, D&D. At the request of the customer, the layout is made with a minimum of small details, and contrast is created between the background and text blocks. Also, according to the brief, the background of the forum is made homogeneous and dark, but not black, so to impart atmospheric design we made a multicolor header in the background. The body of the forum is executed in "parchment" style. As a bonus we made the atmospheric style of the redirect page.

The design is executed with outlining of all information blocks - for its execution the page layout has been done from scratch.
In the interior elements, the style is simple with minimal design.
Also, we made the original profile outlining for a fixed size of the avatar and the script for minimizing the profile points is built in.
The rest of the design is simple with minimal layout details in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
The bonus is an HTML table for information and links.

Also we built a template for pages with a script of pop-up blocks with HTML content.