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<a class="tip" id="cover" title="Detailed rpg-design for the Guild Forum in Exodar style">
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Date: 10.05.2016<br>
Creators: <a href="http://forumd-eng.ru/profile.php?id=2" target="_blank">Gerda</a><br>
Engine: MyBB<br>
Cost: 35$ *<br>
Exclusively: 80$ **<br>
Design for sale!<br>
Description: Detailed rpg-design for the Guild Forum in Exodar style<br>
<a href="http://wortexofclaws.mybb.ru/" target="_blank">DEMO</a><br><br>

* Design in mass sale. The cost of buying exclusively (in one hand): 80$. <br>
* The cost includes adjusting and editing the design (see description).
<a href="http://forumd-eng.ru/viewtopic.php?id=9" target="_blank" id="store">Buy now</a>


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<a class="tip" title="Main page: header, side bar, bordering categories and glowing rows of tables"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_1.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="Main page: bottom of the forum, sidebar with a block for recruiting players, copyright and scrolling up the page"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_2.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="View forum page: edge the list of themes and glow lines when hovering over the cursor"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_3.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="View topic Page: edging of the user's profile, user's online indicator, edging of the user's posts, style of quote boxes and tables of the topic, sidebar was removed"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_4.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="View topic Page: style of submit form and spoiler boxes"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_5.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="Page layout: design of the profile editing page"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_6.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="Page layout: design of the personal message page"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_8.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

<a class="tip" title="Page layout: design of forum search results"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/WoW-exodar/WoW-exodar_7.jpg" class="postimg"></a>

.punbb .topicpost .post-content .spoiler-box {
border: 1px solid #00a1e4;
background-color: rgba(0,161,228,0.1);
.punbb .post-content .spoiler-box > div:hover {background-color: rgba(0,161,228,0.6);}
.punbb .post-content .spoiler-box > div {background-color: rgba(0,161,228,0.3);}
.post-content .spoiler-box > div.visible {background-color: rgba(0,161,228,0.8);}

detailed description

  • Archive with PSD-layout, all sources and codes
  • Install and configure the style and scripts
  • Correcting the forum's header for your guild (change guild logo)
  • When buying exclusively (in one hand), other additions and adjustments to your task can also be made, including additional scripts or adjustment of the layout according to your preferences

A detailed page layout of the site has been created. In the design interface, elements of the free template for the Aion-style site are used.
Design with a large detailed header and graphic design of the copyright zone. A lot of glow effects of edgings and graphic elements are added with correct display of these at the stage of coding.
Created a specific style of logo in the style of World of Warcraft Exodar.
The detailed interface of the forum with borders of categories, blocks and posts is drawn.
All the PSD templates and sources are available.

Detailed original layout of design from scratch. All pages of the forum were manually checked and corrected, the layout was made over all the elements of the forum in detail. Including such rarely-moderated pages as PM, post search, preview of posts, etc.
The edging of categories and forum blocks is executed depending on the page. On the pages of the topic, the edging falls on messages.
The design provides a sidebar on all pages, except those on which profiles of users are displayed. The sidebar is executed in a block of ads with easy-to-edit code and moved to a fixed location on the side of the forum via CSS.
The minimal height of the forum was adjusted to eliminate problems on short pages.
On the topic, search result and personal messages pages, the profile's border is taken out of the body of the forum. The profile is calculated for a fixed size of the avatar and the number of displayed fields. Non-standard display of username and edging of the user's avatar box.
Loading custom font for headings.

• In the forum header there is a small text block for important information.
• Html Sidebar with convenient code and design for links and recruiting block.
• Indicator of the user's activity in the form of a glow of the background element of the profile.
• Default Avatar script.
• "New posts" icon.
• Buttons "PN", "E-mail", etc. replased with icons with changing background when hovering over the cursor.
• Tooltips script.
• Scrolling the page up by clicking on the inscription in the copyright.