Information about the section
In this section, ONLY orders for montage and creating videos are performed.

In case you need something else:

Webdesign: for styles for forums, full work on the design of forums/sites, layouts from scratch, etc.
Graphics & art: for design elements for forums and sites or their promotion and advertising: headers and branded logos, icons, banners, and other web design elements.
Video & 3d design: for montage and creating videos
CSS coding & scripts: for compiling codes for individual site and forums interface elements: html tables for forums, creating a slider design, menu, tab-containers, setting up scripts, etc.
Technical support: free technical support (bug fixes, bugs, help configure scripts and administer the forum / site)

All orders are made by templates (stiky topic with a name "MAKE ORDER").
For the absence of problems with the filling of the template PLEASE register on the forum!
When filling out and sending a template, a separate topic is created with your order, which will receive feedback from designers.
Orders not issued in accordance with the rules by template, are not considered.

In this thread, you can ask questions about ordering.