Part 1. Basic rules of orders.
1. At both free orders and orders for remuneration are accepted.
2. We DO NOT service resources that violate Russian legislation (propaganda of violence, drugs or suicide, incitement to ethnic or religious hatred, child pornography that contains illegal information about explosives)
3. Also does not serve resources: containing instructions on hacking sites, forums and personal data; which are a partial or complete copy of the author's content or design; which are pornographic.
4. It is forbidden to conduct a rude manner in dialogue and insulting statements in relation to designers, programmers and customers.
5. We, to the extent possible, try to execute any order (both free and commercial), ordered in accordance with the rules of the forum and a specific section, but do NOT guarantee its implementation.
6. Any interested registered user can execute orders (both paid and free) made in the project forum (except for orders with the mark <FD>).
In order to be a designer or programmer on the forum, NO special status or administration permission is required. We give the opportunity to practice in new directions, to advertise ourselves by executing orders and to acquire a "base" of clients to any specialist of any level.

Part 2. Rules of making orders.
1. Orders are made by using templates in the appropriate section of the topic:
Webdesign: for styles for forums, full work on the design of forums/sites, layouts from scratch, etc.
Graphics & art: for design elements for forums and sites or their promotion and advertising: headers and branded logos, icons, banners, and other web design elements.
Video & 3d design: for montage and creating videos
CSS coding & scripts: for compiling codes for individual site and forums interface elements: html tables for forums, creating a slider design, menu, tab-containers, setting up scripts, etc.
Technical support: free technical support (bug fixes, bugs, help configure scripts and administer the forum / site)

2. All orders are made out by templates (fixed topic-questionnaire named "MAKE ORDER" in each section). When you filling and sending a template, a separate topic with your order is created, which will receive feedback from designers. Orders not issued in accordance with the rules by template, are not considered.
3. The user is STRICTLY prohibited from leaving their orders in other people's topics and commenting other people's orders.
4. It is possible to make several graphic orders in one topic at once, if you order elements for the design of one resource (for example: header + icons + pictures for categories + background) or if you order the same type of pictures in one style (for example: different pictures in the same frame and the same an inscription). In this case, DO NOT duplicate orders (for example, you do not need to place an order for each picture in a frame in a separate topic by template).
5. It is necessary to adequately and clearly name the topic with your order. Instructions for completing the topic name are in each template.
6. Administration of the project undertakes not to accept mistakes, missed punctuation marks, the absence of a capital letter and such minor missteps for violation of the rules of making of orders. The main thing for us is to understand the contents of the order when reading the topic name.

General rules of executoins orders.
1. Specialists have the freedom to choose which orders to take and in what quantities. We do not force anyone to accept orders compulsorily, even team.
2. Complaints about the order of execution of orders are rejected. The orders have different complexity of implementation, and designers and programmers have different skills and experience, so orders are executed not in the order of admission, but in the order of preference of specialists.
3. The customer has the right to request the completion or alteration of any order. BUT strictly in accordance with the original requirements for the order (if asked to do green, do not ask to change to pink).
4. In the case of problems with the acceptance or execution of your order, it is strictly forbidden to kindle disputes and allow rudeness. This does not help solve the problem.
5. If the order has not been accepted or completed within seven days, the user has the right to remind about the delayed (more than 7 days) order not more often than once a day. It is strictly forbidden to remind of an order left less than seven days ago.
6. If the order is not accepted within 10 days, but the user does not remind about the demand for the order, the order is assigned the status [obsolete] and the topic with the order is closed.
7. When executing an order by a specialist, the user should react to it: either ask for a redo, or accept the ready-made version (write "thank you", "taken", etc.). When the user accepts the job, the order is assigned the status [completed], and the topic with the order become closed.
8. If the customer does not react to the executed order, then 7 days after execution the order, the order is still assigned the status [completed], and the order topic become closed.

Part 4. Rules of executoin FREE orders.
1. When you make a free order, the administration of the project does not require anything in exchange for fulfilling the order, except for compliance with rules and a polite attitude towards the administration and the creator. You do not have to advertise or post our banner. How to express appreciation for help is your personal business.
2. Designers and programmers are not allowed to impose paid services to customers when they receive a free order. If the customer specified in the topic for FREE, you should not beg for money or barter services.
3. Doing FREE orders for resale or transfer in exchange for any services is strictly prohibited.
4. It is forbidden to criticize hard on designers and programmers who execute free orders. We urge customers to be guided by the proverb "Don't ask a gift horse too many questions" and carefully choose expressions when criticizing beginners. Be objective and not too picky.
5. ANY MEMBER OF THE FORUM can execute free orders even if the order has already been accepted by another specialist, or has a mark <FD>. The customer himself will choose which of the execution options he likes.

Part 5. Rules of executoin PAID and BARTER orders.
1. We recommend customers to clearly and in detail write down ALL of their conditions and requirements for PAYMENT and Barter orders, and also very carefully compile the assignment.
Customers who require to perform within the same cost anything that is NOT included in the order, threatens BAN of account.

2. Forum members are NOT allowed to accept and execute barter and paid orders with a mark <FD>. Also it is forbidden to offer their services and terms in topics with this code! If the customer left the mark <FD>, then the order is addressed STRICT to US! ONLY team works with these orders (guaranteeing the appropriate quality and terms of implementation). For violation - BAN of account.

3. When accepting paid and barter orders, the forum members wishing to execute them are allowed to compete with each other, offering their prices and terms in the comments.
However, members are NOT allowed to lure a client after the acceptance of the order by another specialist.
For example, if both the customer and the designer agreed on the conditions, and the designer has started to work, it is forbidden to entice the client with comments like "I will do twice as cheaply". In case of an incident, if the client leaves for another designer during the work already done, without paying, the second designer expects BAN of account.
Also, if the customer reports attempts to entice the order in the Personal Messages, there will be a BAN of account of the dishonest designer.

4. When accepting paid and barter orders, the forum participants wishing to execute them can put forward their terms of execution and work on the order, even if they contradict the conditions described by the customer.

При принятии платных и бартерных заказов, участники форума, желающие их выполнять, могут выдвигать свои условия выполнения и работы над заказом, даже если они противоречат условиям, описанным заказчиком. For example, the customer estimated the design at 50$, and the contractor has the right to offer to execute for 100$, or the customer wants to work without an advance payment, and the contractor can offer its services with a prepayment.
Also, designers and programmers are allowed (and recommended) to ask additional questions about the order, leave links to their portfolio, discuss an order, etc.