Part 1. Rules of communication and correspondence on the forum.
The administration of the project encourages all users to comply with our network etiquette - the rules of communication on the forum.
We introduce these rules and strongly recommend that they adhere to provide comfort both to new members of the forum and to experienced Internet users.
We are not going to teach you to live and limit your freedom, but we want to remind you that you are in the community, that's why the ethics of communication are set so that the limits of decency satisfy the whole audience of our forum.

1. At the forum STRICTLY PROHIBITED messages containing insults, the propaganda of violence, drugs, pornography, inciting national or religious strife.
2. The forum forbids disrespectful statements, reproaches of users.

3. The forum strictly prohibits the flame (except for the flame section). Imminent punishment follows both as a provocateur of the conflict, and for those who supported the dispute.

Flame - arguing just to argue. When everyone forgets, because of what the conversation began, and begin to swear fiercely with each other - that's when the "flame" begins. We are talking about a person that he kindles a "flame" if he:
1) Turns on the course of the conversation on "personality";
2) Allows insults of personal, national, religious, sexual or professional nature;
3) It leads the discussion unbalanced;
4) Provokes a scandal.

There is a simple rule - one should never support a "flame". Yes, that's right - personal "arrivals" should be left unanswered. Ignore the brawlers and the "flamer" - and then all the rest will certainly respect you.

4. In case of conflict situations or violations of the rules of communication in relation to you (disrespectful statements, insults, obscene language, etc.), you should report to moderator or administrator about situation, but in no event do not respond to a provocation.
5. Advertising in posts forbidden.
6. It is not recommended to write messages that can be characterized as offtopic.

There are sections dedicated to discussing some completely specific topic (for example - scripts). Do not rush into such places with questions, for example, about cosmetics or discussing football matches. By the way, it's a very bad idea to start a "discussion about the discussion" - discussing whether the topic is suitable for this forum.

7. It is not recommended to abuse citations in posts, allowing overquoting.

Over Quote
As a rule, when a user responds to someone's post in a forum, the source code of the message is first cited (while it is visually allocated indented or other font), and then the answer is already there. This is done so that the others present understand what is actually being commented on. The most common mistake in this case is the overquoting - that is, excessive quoting. Because in order for the answer to be clear, it is almost always necessary to quote whole original message. It suffices to quote only the part that is necessary to understand the answer. But it often happens that the user cites a huge source text - just to write "I agree" or "I'll sign under every word". Overquoting is harmful, and should be avoided whenever possible.

8. It is not recommended to write messages that can be characterized as flood. The exception - topics that are specifically designed for such messages.

Flood is a flow of messages that do not make any sense. These are messages that could be painlessly removed (or rather, not written) without any harm to the community. Usually those users are flooding, who have nothing to say, but who want to attract attention. They start responding to almost every post in the topic, and the answers do not make any sense, and usually look like short one-line messages: "Exactly!", "I agree!", "I will sign by every word!", "I also think so!" , "Wow, you!" and so on. Flood should be avoided. It slows down the loading of pages, increases the amount of unnecessary information, irritates other users and creates meaningless traffic.

9. It is not recommended to abuse smilies and text formatting in messages.
10. We strongly demand that you use copyright or a link to the source when publishing other people's statements, works, articles.

Copyright [©]
Very often people use someone's words, phrases and statements, giving them away for their own, which is - at least - a sign of disrespect for the author, regardless of who he is, where and when he lived. And even more so, if he is still alive. In such cases - it is considered correct and even necessary to make a reference reference to the quoted author.
If you do not know the author of your information, then it is correct to refer to the source of information by posting a link. Contextual links are not forbidden and are not considered advertising.

Part 2. Rules for Using the Personal Message System (PM).
1. Correspondence through the PM in the forum is confidential - user is not required to disclose its contents at the request or request of forum members or administration.
2. The rules also do not oblige to hide the contents of personal correspondence - if desired, the user can publish personal correspondence in public or send it as a report to the administration of the forum, regardless of the interests of his correspondent.
3. FORBIDDEN in personal messeges:

   3.1. Violate the rules of communication на ForumDesign TS as for his correspondent, and in relation to other users of the forum.
   3.2. To send information forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and malicious links ("fishing" sites, viruses, etc.)
   3.3. Advertise other resources - to send links of an advertising nature to sites or forums, if they are not recommendative in the order of a request from your correspondent.
   3.4. Advertise commercial services - send proposals to the correspondent about paid services, if they are not a response to a request for such services from your correspondent.
   3.5. Send messages of the same content to two or more correspondents (spam).
   3.6. Persistently demand from the correspondent to enter into correspondence with you.

4. Administration responds to violations of personal correspondence rules when receiving complaints from the user on his correspondent.
5. Complaints on correspondents can be sent both in the form of private messages and be posted publicly.
6. When complaints are received, the administration can request access to the user's account to ensure that there are no provocations on the part of the user and that he respects the rules of communication.

Part 3. Rules for communicating with moderators.
1. The following hierarchy of user groups operates on the project:
  Administrators - project managers in certain areas
  Moderators - responsible for sections
  Forum Mates - ex-moderators and project advisers
  Others - members of our forum

2. Forum rules apply to all groups of members and they should not be violated, regardless of the post held at the forum.
3. The duties of moderators and administrators, in addition to official duties, include maintaining order both in their sections and in the forum as a whole.
4. It is unacceptable to ignore the comments of moderators and administrators and not obey their decisions.
5. It is forbidden to publicly discuss the actions of moderators or to argue with their decisions.
6. In the event that you find the actions, decisions and comments of the moderator or administrator incorrect, contact PERSONALLY to the Main Project Administrator.
7. The complaint against the moderator or administrator does not exempt from compliance with paragraph 4 of these rules. Any conflicts should be discontinued until the Administrator responds to what is happening.

Part 4. Warnings and punishments.
1. For violation of any rules of the forum or the rules of specific sections, the user receives warnings, which are reported in the topic with a violation or moderator marking under the post with violation.
Warnings are displayed in the user profile. There is a maximum number of 5 warnings.
Warnings are removed in time for approximate user behavior.

2. The forum provides the following types of punishment:
  - Blocking (ban) the account for 3 days
  - Static Account Block (lifetime ban)

3. If you accumulate three warnings, you will be punished in the form of ban for three days.
If you accumulate five warnings, your account will be blocked forever.

4. In the case of violations of the forum rules, the user is not always given a warning, or a reprimand from the moderator or administrator.
Warnings are received by users who repeatedly got reprimands, and users who violate the strict prohibitions of our forum or make several violations in a short period of time.

5. Punishment (ban) may follow without warning in the case:
   - Failure to comply with 4, 5 and 7 rules of communication with the moderators
   - Provocation or maintenance of the flame (exclusively)
   - Rough or repeated violations of the forum rules

6. Punishment in the form of a ban for three days is replaced by a static account block in case the user registers a second time (multiling - violation of registration rules part 4 point 1)