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<a class="tip" id="cover" title="Bright design for mybb forum with Kitten">
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Date: 29.01.2018<br>
Creators: <a href="http://forumd-eng.ru/profile.php?id=2" target="_blank">Gerda</a><br>
Engine: MyBB<br>
Cost: 9$<br>
Description: Redesign of the old template in bright colors with cats<br>



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<a class="tip" title="Main Page of the Forum - header and categories"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/KVM/KVM_1.png" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="View forum Page, a variety of icons and the bottom of the forum"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/KVM/KVM_2.png" class="postimg"></a>
<a class="tip" title="View topic Page - quote boxes"><img src="http://gerda.moy.su/MyBB_files/FD/KVM/KVM_3.png" class="postimg"></a>
.punbb .topicpost .post-content .spoiler-box {
border: 1px solid #e63737;
background-color: rgba(230,55,55,0.1);
.punbb .post-content .spoiler-box > div:hover {background-color: rgba(230,55,55,0.6);}
.punbb .post-content .spoiler-box > div {background-color: rgba(230,55,55,0.3);}
.post-content .spoiler-box > div.visible {background-color: rgba(230,55,55,0.8);}

detailed description

Bright design for mybb forum with Kitten. ^^

РRedesign of the template "Style for MyBB forum The Lion King" with improved code.
The template has been tested and a number of bugs have been fixed.
Interleaved background colors of rows of tables and posts.
The active rows of the tables are highlighted when you hover the cursor.
A greater variety of icons was made: icons with new messages of any type of topic differ from the icon of the topic without new posts.