The username changes only according to forum rules (duplicated below)!
This post is REQUIRED to read. FULLY READ.

I (or my assistant) can change your nickname on the forum in case if...

1. You registered recently (no more than 2 weeks ago)
2. You have registered for a long time, but for all this time you have not written messages (no more than 15 messages under your current username)
3. You change to a similar one (for example Superman on Superman, Bal on Ball, Caw on Cow, _Girl for Girl), i.e. we correct typos when registering & remove the extra characters from the username.

We remind you of the rules:
- User can change of username is carried out UNIFIED!
- It changes the username only to the one that does not belong to another user. (even if that 0 messages, usernamename - his property)

Requests for a username change are dropped here, indicating EXACT writing a new name.