Part 1. Usernames.
1. On the forum are allowed ONLY usernames containing Latin LETTERS and Arabic numerals, as well as additional symbols provided by the rules.

2. When you registering on the forum, the following usernames are prohibited:

2.1 Including invalid characters: uppercase characters ("#", "~", "`", "$", "%", "^", "*", "+", "=", "|", "\" и т.д.); characters excluded from the keyboard layout ("•", "ç", "æ", "♫", "♀" и т.д.), and also DOTS (except for clause 4) and COMMAS.
2.2 That contain non-normative vocabulary or derivatives of abusive word combinations.
2.3 Insulting other users of its content (insults on religious grounds, nationalist terms and expression).
2.4 That are direct or indirect propaganda of drugs, violence, pornography or sex, religious propaganda.
2.5 That are direct advertising.
2.6 That are unpronounceable letter combination.

3. Allowed to use the following characters in usernames: "-", "_", "&", "@".
4. Allowed to use the dots ONLY as a reduction of names, titles or obvious words, for example: Nick J.K.

Examples of INcorrect usernames

Examples of correct usernames:









You are idiots

I am not idiot







Bad Boy

These rules exist to maintain live communication.
Make your nickname beautiful, readable.
Be creative - on this forum not all names are still over.

Part 2. Username cange.

1. Username can not be changed without warning, if he has met all the rules.

2. The change of username is carried out under the following conditions:

2.1 You registered recently (no more than 2 weeks ago)
2.2 You have registered for a long time, but for all this time you have not written messages (no more than 15 messages under your current username)
2.3 You change to a similar one (for example Superman on Superman, Bal on Ball, Caw on Cow, _Girl for Girl), i.e. we correct typos when registering & remove the extra characters from the username.

3. User can change of username is carried out UNIFIED!
4. It changes the username only to the one that does not belong to another user.
5. Change of nickname is made only on request and only in the topic: Change username on the forum
6. Forbidden to write Personal Messages about the username change to the forum administrator (and his assistants)

Part 3. User Profile.

1. The forum administration is not responsible for the authenticity of the information contained in the user profile and will not verify its reliability.
2. Propaganda of violence, drugs, pornography, nationalism or religious propaganda, as well as links to sites of appropriate content STRICTLY PROHIBITED for ethical reasons.

Part 4. Binding a username to an IP.

1. Forbidden to re-register on the forum (creating "mults").
2. In case of loss of the password, use its restoration, do not create a new user.
3. In case you lost the password, but there is no way to restore it, you need to write a letter to the administrator or his assistant about password recovery. He manually changes the password and sends it to you.
4. If you sent an administrator an email asking you to restore the password, he will first check your IP. Only in case of IP match, you will restore the password.

These rules are introduced to maintain live forum statistics. We only need real participants, not an infinite number of takes.

Part 5. Administration Interference in User Accounts.

1. Administrator can correct the nickname that violates the forum rules, without notifying the user.
2. Administrator can delete user profile information in case it conflicts with these rules.

3. Administrator can delete a user account if:
   • From your account for all time of its existence there was not written a single post within three months;
   • our IP is the same as the other account;

4. Accounts of users who unsubscribe at least 1 post on the forum, and their posts are never deleted.
5. Administration does not accept requests to delete accounts.